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This Shakib is another Shakib


There will be more curious, but less curiosity. within the new normalcy, it seems that cricket is becoming journalism in Bangladesh. One or two glimpses ahead of the eyes are going to be lost secretly. the remainder may be a combination of imagination or experience. Cricket board or cricketer, now there’s no thanks to getting on the brink of either of them thanks to biological protection and BCB health protection policy!

Shakib Al Hasan spent a while on the sector together with his new hairstyle. a small play the bat-ball ahead of the room, a talk with curator Gamini de Silver on the wicket, a talk with teammate Muminul Haque, then re-entering the room. During this point, several pairs of eyes and a few television cameras from the gallery of Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur only followed Shakib’s walk. During the Corona period, journalists are restricted to the Club House Gallery (Jewel Stand), from where the camera often cannot see the cricketers clearly even through the telephoto lens.

The stories and rumors of the journalists who once watched the cricket from afar provide more material. After Shakib left the scene, his short trimmed hairstyle in such a discussion. Until then, the image of Shakib sitting in reception cutting his hair is viral online. Discussions began to spread about her haircuts and various facts and figures.

Of course, this Shakib is another Shakib, apart from short hair. Before the fitness test on January 10 and therefore the sine qua non of playing cricket within the new normal, even before the cove test, the warmth of his field is coming to the fore, which may be a new picture!

Shakib’s dictionary, which has passed a few years of his career without bowling in practice, had nothing to try to to with optional practice even a year ago. The practice of the day before the match also depends on tons on the mood. And now Shakib came to the sector on each day when the team has no practice! Sunbathing unnecessarily, batting shadows, spending time within the gymnasium. The Bangabandhu T20 Cup, a year of expulsion and a dull return to the sector, may have given him this realization that even the foremost talented sometimes need to start with A, A, A, B in cricket to urge themselves back. having the ability to play well isn’t always innate.

Shakib may return to the familiar rhythm, but it’s better to be reception during this West Indies series. subsequent series in New Zealand, but Bangladesh will need to undergo a difficult time.

If all goes well, the Bangladesh team will leave for brand spanking new Zealand on the night of Washington’s Birthday. The Kiwi board told the BCB that cricketers would need to stay in closed quarantine for the primary seven days within the country. Each of the 35 members of the group will stay within the bedroom, eating and drinking within the room. Texas Independence Day to 9 is often practiced in groups of 5-6 people. However, at this point, the movement of cricketers is going to be limited to the sector and hotel. From March 9, they’re free Bihang, medical practice will start. However, the chance is going to be available only four days before the beginning of the series. the 2 T20 and three ODI series will start on March 13. The team will return to the country on March 26. During the quarantine, the New Zealand Army will lookout for everything for the Bangladesh team. The BCB’s cricket management department held a gathering tomorrow to organize for this.

Bangladesh is the exact opposite of the latest Zealand’s quarantine system. John Lewis, the new batting advisor of the Bangladesh team, arrived in Dhaka tomorrow morning and got up at the hotel. But the govt has made strict rules that 14 days quarantine is mandatory if someone comes from England. But is not the English baseball coach with the team at the beginning of practice for the West Indies series? BCB chief executive Nizam Uddin Chowdhury, however, said quarantine rules might be relaxed within the case of Lewis if the results of two consecutive Covid tests are negative. The BCB has made an equivalent request to the govt.

Will cricket journalists make such an appeal to the BCB? If all the hygiene rules are followed, the closest cricket is often seen from a touch closer again!


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