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That is why model Sadia has committed suicide


Emerging model Sadia Islam Naz has committed suicide thanks to monomalignment together with her father. Police recovered his hanging body from the house of a Bashundhara resident at around 4.45 am on Tuesday. He was 21 years old. An unnatural death case has been registered at Bhatara police headquarters during this incident. His body was buried on Wednesday night.

After 3 pm on January 17, a call came to Bhatara police headquarters through 999. a person named Monirul Islam from the opposite side said that his daughter has not been available on the phone since 11 pm. Bhatara policeman is responsible. Muktaruzjan said Sadia lived alone in Bashundhara’s house. for a few reasons, there was monogamy between the oldsters. Hearing the incident, the police rushed to Sadia’s house. They broke the lock of the house at 4.45 pm with the permission of their father without getting any response. Sadia’s body was found hanging with a ceiling fan. The body was sent to Suhrawardy Hospital within the capital for autopsy in the dark. After the autopsy yesterday, Monirul Islam took her body to Khulna.

Sadia’s father Monirul Islam filed a case of unnatural death at Bhatara police headquarters yesterday. it’s mentioned there that on the evening of January 17, her father had a quarrel with Sadia over family matters. Monirul Islam talked to his daughter quite once till 11 pm to interrupt his pride. At one point, the daughter hung up her father’s phone. a politician of Bhatara police headquarters quoted Monirul Islam as saying that her father had tried to elucidate some family matters to the girl. The girl was adamant in her decision. He was a touch stubborn. At one point he angrily hung up the phone. Then Monirul Islam called the girl again. If Sadia doesn’t devour the phone, she will determine through the caretaker of the house, the door of Sadia’s room is locked. He then took the assistance of the police through the emergency call service.

Sadia’s colleague model Barisha Haque said that Sadia had to struggle tons in Corona. A month after month he had no work. He was devastated by the separation of his parents. The bereaved Barisha said, ‘Sadia’s qualifications haven’t been evaluated. His income in Corona was completely stopped. nobody on the showbiz took notice of how his day was spent. If you are doing touch research to survive, children like Sadia would be inspired to maneuver forward.

Sadia started her career by modeling stills three years ago. He wont to make regular ticking videos. Recently took part in a photoshoot of a brand called Nilima. Sadira his two brothers and sisters. Their father married another and lived in Khulna.

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