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Scarlett embarrassed Grillo


The scene is risky! you’ve got to fly from 300 feet up and down. there’s no point in acting during this scene. Frank Grillo, one of the actors in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, though he would do the scene. Co-star Scarlett Johansson decided to try to do it herself. Grillo was ashamed to understand that.

Grillo himself revealed the incident during a recently released video interview. He was asked if there was any horrible stunt scene in life that he didn’t want to try to to. At this point, Grillo remembered the second picture of the Captain America trilogy. A stunt scene was being shot within the deep sea. The shooting happened on a carrier near an island. The place is about 150 feet above water level. the 2 actors are going to be hanging 150 feet higher by a crane placed thereon ship. they will be seen coming down from about 300 feet. He refused to try to do this scene for fear. Told the director, it might be his stuntman. But Scarlett said she wouldn’t hire a stuntman for the scene. Grillo said, ‘I’m scared! once I saw that Scarlett wouldn’t take the stuntman therein scene, I used to be very embarrassed. Later I agreed to try to do it myself.

Risky scenes in movies usually don’t have the most actors. The stuntmen acted as substitutes in those scenes. Stuntmen add scenes like jumping on glass walls, jumping from top to bottom. Because while acting in these risky scenes, big accidents happen. Suppose Robert Downey Jr. plays himself altogether the risky scenes. He broke his ankle while performing in such a scene in ‘Iron Man Three’. within the event, the shooting had to be stopped for several weeks.

Actress Scarlett is impeccable for all the bold and risky scenes. He has been seen in such scenes in many films. The Avengers of 2012, Lucy of 2014. One such film was 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The actress won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2019 for Marriage Story. Scarlett starrer ‘Black Widow’ is coming this year.

He is the best invention in Bollywood(Nora Fatehi )



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