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Real star wanted Messi’s left leg on his birthday


Real Madrid and Barcelona. Sitting side by side with these two names means the emergence of a da-kumara relationship. The fight between the 2 eternal rivals of the Spanish was always on. during this century, Pep Guardiola-Jose Mourinho and Messi-Ronaldo have multiplied that.

It has been two and a half years since Ronaldo left Real, but Real supporters are still fighting for him. and therefore the Bar fans, who are pleased with the simplest player within the history of the club, also visited war on the web platform.

On the opposite hand, the players always left the sport in the sector. They never seem to be reluctant to point out references to one another whenever they get an opportunity to try to do so. Relationships between Barcelona and Real Madrid players have returned to normal after the Mourinho era. So openly praised the legend of another club. He said that he was fascinated by their talent. In an interview, Eden Hazard expressed his fascination with Messi in a new way. Real Madrid’s number seven wants Messi’s left leg as a birthday gift.

Lionel Messi has mesmerized the football world together with his great left foot. Has the power to vary the sport during a matter of moments, knows the way to whomp up a frozen defense with dribbling. And when nothing works, the magician scores a goal with a left-footed shot. it’s difficult to not be fascinated by such a foot football. Hazard, one of the simplest dribblers within the world of football, is additionally fascinated by Messi.
Yesterday was the 30th birthday of the Belgian forward of Real Madrid. The Belgian broadcaster RTBF wanted Hazard to understand which side of Messi’s game he would really like to receive as a present on his birthday. “Messi’s left leg,” Hazard said briefly.

Messi’s left leg was also wanted before. At the Ballon d’Or in 2015, Neymar said he wanted Messi’s left leg and Ronaldo’s right leg. So, does Hazard not want to urge Ronaldo’s right leg?

Hazard wanted something else from Ronaldo as a birthday gift. Ronaldo is competing with Messi within the race for the simplest player of the generation. Hazard’s desire for Ronaldo, who remains competing with young footballers despite being at 38, is “his thirst for victory, his intense desire to win the title and his desire to attain goals all the time.”

Despite spending a season and a half at Real, his club has yet to urge the specified result from Hazard. it isn’t that his appetite was too high when he was at Chelsea. However, he seems to be a touch more hungry within the Real jersey. Ronaldo’s intense desire to attain on Hazard will surely make everyone at Real Madrid happy.

On his birthday, Hazard asked for something from somebody else. which is his coach Zinedine Zidane. Asked what he wanted from Zidane, he said: “His high standards. My standard is sweet, isn’t it? But he, his value is far higher.

It would not be possible for Hazard to require three powers from three starts, but he also expressed a possible wish. the will to figure with who within the football world, it had been also asked. In response to the present question, Hazard jogged my memory of a sigh from Argentina. The Belgian playmaker replied, ‘If I hadn’t worked with Zidane or Thierry Henry, I might have talked to them. But one player I even have never met is Riquelme (Juan Roman). once I was younger, I wont to watch his videos. I might be happy to satisfy him within the field or simply ask him. that might be great. ‘


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