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Nora Fatehi wants to kill one hundred

Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi  is being discussed online again after Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan’s ‘What Women Want’ came on the show. Kareena herself has said about Nora Fatehi, the new sensation of Bollywood dance, that Nora is one of the simplest discoveries in Bollywood. But he did not have to burn less wood to urge established in Bollywood’s Mysore. He wants to return to Canada after having quite one bad experience. After six years, she is one of the simplest dancers in Bollywood. he’s also gaining praise as an actor.

Introducing Nora, Kareena said, ‘Today we’ll tell the story of breaking the so-called tradition. Our guest today, who came from another country and broke all our conventional rules and regulations. She is everyone’s “Saki” Nora Fatehi. Kareena, who was shocked to ascertain Nora dancing at the age of 26, said that she couldn’t understand how this girl could dance so beautifully. Kareena added that she and her husband Saif Ali Khan are both fans of Nora. On hearing this, Nora said that when Taimur grows up, he wants to marry her. Kareena laughed when she heard Nora’s words. He said, ‘He is merely four years old. there’s still extended thanks to choosing marriage. ‘ Nora also joked that she would wait.

Nora has nobody in India. The language or culture of India is totally unknown to him. Even then he came to India with what capital? That was Kareena’s first question to Nora. Nora replied, ‘Dream, and five thousand rupees.’ If Nora is obtainable a ‘free killer’ without trial, who will she kill? Nora replied, ‘Only one? I would like to kill a minimum of 100 people. ‘

Then came the story of Nora’s struggle to determine herself in Bollywood. The story of casting comes up. Nora got a call from a female casting director and visited the audition. There, the casting director shouted at Nora, “It takes an” X factor “to get established in Bollywood.” Thousands of women such as you come a day to measure the dream of Bollywood. Not with you. You better run. Bollywood is uninterested in carrying the burden of excellent for nothing girls such as you. ‘ Nora cried tons on hearing this. Then just got established and showed up. The casting director later apologized to Nora.

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