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Kangana opened her mouth again about the peasant movement in New Delhi


There is Bollywood, there’s nothing in India that this star has not commented on, she is Kangana Ranaut. I might wish to discuss everything from contemporary movements, politics, drugs to the rights of the peasantry. He often came to the discussion, especially with video messages on Twitter. In October last year, Kangana got into an issue by commenting on India’s agriculture bill. A lawyer named Ramesh Naik also filed a case against Kangana for spreading misleading and misleading information on sensitive issues just like the Agriculture Bill. Even then Kangana’s speech didn’t stop. At this point, he has commented that ‘terrorism’ is openly happening within the country within the name of the peasant movement.

In a video message posted on Twitter, Kangana said, “Everyone who supports or incites these terrorists should be sent to jail.” Earlier, the Citizenship Rights Act couldn’t be enforced for fear of such terrorism. I’m sure the agricultural law are going to be stuck within the same way. we’ve brought a nationalist government by voting. But within the end, it’s these anti-nationalists who are winning whenever.

Last Tuesday was the 72nd Republic Day of India. The agitating farmers of the country had earlier announced to carry a tractor procession on the streets of the latest Delhi demanding the repeal of the three controversial agricultural laws.

Clashes and violence erupted in New Delhi over their program. During the annual Republic Day parade on the highway, a number of the farmers on the border broke through the barricades and entered the capital. Some entered on foot, some with tractors. Police clashed with farmers in several places over this. within the midst of this clash, a gaggle of peasants reached the middle of the capital. They climbed the Red Fort. Later, however, the police removed the farmers from Lalkella. Kangana expressed her displeasure with one tweet after another on social media from noon to Wednesday on Tuesday.
Kangana has earlier given her opinion on the movement against agricultural laws. Kangana tweeted on behalf of the BJP at the time, “Those who spread rumors about the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) are now talking about the agriculture bill.” For this, riots are happening within the country. These people are terrorists. you want to understand what I’m saying. ‘

He had to face severe criticism by comparing the peasants with terrorists. He has mentioned that old issue within the Red Fort incident on Tuesday. Kangana wrote, ‘Six companies canceled their contracts with me because I called the farmers terrorists. I used to be told that they might not allow me to represent the organization due to that comment. Today, I’m saying that each Indian who is supporting this riot of the peasants may be a terrorist himself. ‘
Earlier, Punjabi actor Diljit Dosanj had a tweet fight with Kangana last month over the anti-agriculture movement. There, Kangana also accused actress Priyanka Chopra of inciting farmers.

He said to Priyanka Chopra, he does all this to urge employment abroad. Many believe that Kangana is pertaining to Diljit and Priyanka for sending supporters of the peasant movement to jail in Tuesday’s incident. Kangana also attacked Diljit and Priyanka on Twitter. “Diljit and Priyanka, you’ve got to elucidate this incident,” he wrote during a photo.

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