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Come and see the papers of the flat, Urmila to Kangana


This time Urmila pushed the ball to Kangana’s court. Kangana replied to Ranaut’s sarcasm. He informed the source of cash to shop for his flat. Kangana was invited to ascertain the papers of his flat. Indirectly accused Kangana of the drug scandal.
Last Sunday, Kangana Ranaut also mocked Urmila Martandkar’s flat worth Tk 4 crore. Kangana wrote on Twitter, ‘The house I built with my very own hard-earned money has been hammered by BJP. Broke quite a bit. There are 25-30 cases against me to please the BJP. it might are better to please Congress like Urmila. Am I stupid? ‘ Kangana is tagging a Shiv Sena leader therein tweet.

The popular star of the nineties didn’t remain silent in the least in such personal attacks. He also replied in only two hours. Urmila has challenged Kangana during a video message.

In a video message on Twitter, he said, ‘Today ahead of everyone within the country, I say, come on. you opt the time and place. i will be able to come there with the papers of the flat. ‘ therein video, Urmila also clarified where she got the cash to shop for a replacement house. “After working in Bollywood for less than 25 to 30 years, I bought a house in Andheri in 2011,” he said sarcastically. I sold the house in March and purchased a replacement flat with the cash I got. ‘ Asked to point out the papers for the sale of the house, Urmila wrote, ‘I bought this flat before I got into politics. i would like to point out him that. ‘

The video doesn’t end here. Urmila sprinkled new salt on the old wound. Said, ‘Instead of showing my papers, i would like just one thing. You got ‘Y Plus’ security using the cash of many taxpayers like me. Because you had some names to offer to the Bureau of Narcotics Control. Today the entire country is expecting those names. The country goes through very bad times. We are all fighting against drugs. Please bring a shortlist of these names. I’m waiting. ‘

Kangana Ranaut has been vocal about the role of the Maharashtra government and therefore the Mumbai police since the untimely death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput on Flag Day , 2020.

He even called Mumbai ‘Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’. At that point, the ruling Shiv Sena-NCP leaders of Maharashtra also spoke against Kangana and threatened her. The ruling party in Maharashtra has also threatened to not allow him to enter Mumbai. within the midst of such conflict, the Indian government gave Kangana Y-category security. there’s a private security officer therein security system all the time. There are 11 members of paramilitary forces. Two to 3 of them are commando trained. Urmila was against giving Y-plus security to Kangana albeit she opposed the demolition of Kangana’s office last September. once more, Urmila stabbed Kangana thereupon formula.


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