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Best games in the world

Best games in the world today our lecture topic. So today we will know some information about the best games in the world. Sports dusting is very necessary to keep the body in good health. There are many organizing agencies for this sport. There are many world-class sports in the world, there are many committees or organizations to control those sports. 

There are two types of games in today’s world.


So today we will learn about some of the current best games in the world (online games and indoor-outdoor sports).

Currently some of the best games in the world (indoor and outdoor games)

  • Football
  • Football is a popular sport. Football Game One is the whole game. The popularity of football can be seen almost everywhere in the world. Around 3.5 million people around the world love to play football. Football is one of the most popular sports in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and all over the world.


    Fédération Internationale de Football Association  (FIFA) controls the game of football. FIFA currently has 211 member countries. FIFA World Cup is held in different countries of the world for 4 consecutive years.

    Regulatory body: FIFA.

    The current champion: France.

    The current Runners-up: Croatia.

    Successful team: Brazil (5 times champion)

    Football is reviewed in almost every country in the world and all countries have National Leagues. These leagues are very popular. Especially the leagues in the European region are of very good quality.

    The names of a few football leagues.

    • LaLiga.
    • Serie A
    • UEFA Super Cup
    • UEFA Europa League 
    • EPL (English Primer league)
    • Bundesliga.
    • ISL (Indian Super League)

  • Cricket
  • Cricket is a very popular sport in many countries of the world.

    There are many fans of cricket in Europe, America, Africa, Australia, and many countries in Asia. And cricket is a popular sport in many countries. 


    Icc controls the game of cricket. Cricket is played in 3 formats. 

    The ICC World Cup is held every 4 years in ODI and T20 formats. And the Test is the Test Championship for the playing country.

    • TEST
    • Australia
    • India 
    • England
    • South Africa
    • New Zealand
    • Pakistan
    • Srilanka
    • West Indies
    • Bangladesh
    • Zimbabwe
    • Afghanistan
    • Ireland
    • ODI

    Control by: ICC.

    Format: (50 over) One day Match. 

    Event: ICC World Cup.

    Current champion: England.

    Current Runners-up: New Zealand.

    Most Successful Team: Australia (5 times World Champion)

    • T20

    Control by: ICC.

    Event: ICC World Cup T20.

    Format: T20

    Current champion: West Indies.

    Current Runners-up: England.

    Most Successful Team: West Indies (2 times World Champion)

    • ICC Champions Trophy

    Control by: ICC.

    Event: ICC World Cup.

    Format: One day match

    Current champion: Pakistan.

    Current Runners-up: India.

    Most Successful Team: India and Australia (2 times Champion)

  • Basketball
  • Basketball is a popular sport. FIBA controls the game of basketball. The World Cup is the game of basketball and FIBA manages the basketball World Cup.


    32 teams will participate in the FIBA Basketball World Cup. 

    Type of game: Basketball.

    Current champion: Spain.

    Most Successful team: United States of America (5 times champions)

             Participating team:32.

    • Europe: 12
    • America: 7
    • Asia and Oceania: 7
    • Africa: 5
    • Host: 1

  • Hockey
  • Hockey is now one of the best sports in the world. Hockey is played in many countries of the world. Hockey is the World Cup. There are many teams on the field fighting for the best hockey world.

    Around 2 million people around the world love to play hockey.


    Organizer: ICE Hockey.

    Total tournament: 33.

    Current champion: CANADA.

    Most Successful Team: Canada (2-time world hockey champions)

  • Tenis
  • Tennis is basically a racket game. The game of tennis is usually played in two ways. Single and double sense go into playing this game. The game of tennis is managed by the International Tennis Federation.


    The game of tennis is a much older game. The game of tennis began in 1859. Currently, 1 billion people are fans of the game of tennis.

    Regulatory body: International Tenis federation. 

    Type of games: Indoor and Outdoor games.

    Team members: Single and Double.

    The best tennis player

    • Roger Federer
    • Rafael Nadal
    • Novac Djokovic
    • Serena Williams
    • Venus Williams

    The best online games

  • PUBG
  • PUBG is basically an online multiplayer battle. It’s a video game. The story of these games is similar to the Japanese movie Battle Royale.


    The main purpose of the PUBG game is to kill others without killing yourself. This game is given a lot of attraction power to go to the next step.

    50 million people from Pubg Games Online. Pubg Corporation, the developer of Pubg Games.

  • Mini Craft

    Mini Craft is an online game.  This is basically a professional video game. Mini Craft is a popular online game. About 91 million people around the world play this online video game.

    Mini Craft is being developed and designed by Markus Persson.

  • Free Fire
  • Freefire is a multiplayer online video game.. Free Fire is a popular online video game. Freefire is played by many people in the world. Free Fire is the most downloaded online video game of 2019.

    Free Fire

    In 2019, Google Play Store won the Best Popular Vote Games award for the most downloaded video games.

    Freefire’s developer is 111 Dots Studio. Freefire is published by Garena

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