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A tempting offer from the United States for Messi


Messi has left the drum house, now the remainder of the work is for the dancing old women. A few days ago, Messi gave an interview to the Spanish channel ‘La Sexta’. Says he wants to play in big league Soccer within us at some point in his career.

Many questions are raised about Messi’s Barcelona career. Doubts about whether he will stay in Catalonia next season. within the rumors thus far , Manchester City has come up with a tempting offer.

He will play for Manchester City for the primary two years on offer. Another team from City will need to play in NY City for the remaining two years.

Among the teams in big league Soccer (MLS), it’s not only me that desires Lionel Messi. Another buzz within the market is about Inter Miami.

David Beckham’s team wants Messi and Suarez in 2022. And for Messi, compatriot Matias Almeida has made a good more tempting offer.

It is not new for footballers to travel to us to play within the fall of their careers. Stars like Pel, Beckham, Ra, Andrea Pirlo, Rooney, Via, Ibrahimovic have already walked this path.

Realizing that he’s losing value in European clubs, everyone sees this league as how to earn extra cash in his career. However, Messi isn’t money, Matthias Almeida is showing another greed.

Messi talks tons about ‘La Sexta’. it’s understandable that his predecessor watched the interview carefully. Because, this midfielder, who played for Argentina within the 1998 and 2002 World Cups, is baiting Messi for normal family life!

In a conversation with Ninety Minutes Football, Almeida said, ‘Want to understand , why do i feel this is often an excellent thought? Because the us may be a very big country. i feel there are 35 crore people here. Here the celebs can walk the streets in peace. Everyone wants a life that they will enjoy and live differently. ‘

Almeida is responsible for the MLS team San Jose Earthquake. Spent last two years here. I prefer living here such a lot that I didn’t even get a call from the famous Mexican club Cruz Azul.

And he’s giving the hat to Messi too. Because, within the interview, Messi said, ‘I feel lucky to be ready to enjoy life. But sometimes he wants to be an easy unknown person. I would like to travel to the market, watch movies or attend a restaurant to eat, especially once I have kids with me.

Almeida’s idea is that Messi’s wish are going to be fulfilled if he leaves Spain or Europe and sets foot within the us . the previous midfielder for Sevilla and Inter Milan argues, ‘Messi, his baby, his wife, everyone can walk effortlessly, ride a bicycle, attend the supermarket if they need to. He won’t be influenced by stardom, which makes him his slave. That’s why i feel the us are going to be excellent for him.

Not only Messi, but all the footballers who aren’t ready to lead a traditional life thanks to stardom are urged to travel to the us .

This Argentine country feels good because it doesn’t have much fuss about football. ‘Players who need a normal life, who don’t need to travel to the road at the supermarket or attend the bank, should come here. That way you’ll become a traditional person again. Players who want to feel normal again should choose this league.


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